Infinitia is the largest island in the Cynstad Archipelago. It covers an area of 4,735.4 km^2 and has an estimated population of 2,600,000 


Infinitia is located in the north of the Cynstad Archipelago. The island is topographically quite flat, with the highest peak being Mt. Devenir at 905 m (2,969 ft). Smaller peaks near the coast include Mt. Valse (776 m / 2,545 ft), Mt. October (820 m / 2,690 ft) and Fry Peak (716 m / 2,348 ft). The main cities are Cape Midhants, Scenery Point and Vicewood.


Infinitia's climate is generally continental/subtropical with Koppen-Geiger classification of Cfa/Dfa. The highest temperature ever recorded was 42.9°C (109.2°F) at Reihart International Airport on 2 July 2003 and the lowest temperature was -15.1°C (4.8°F) at Mt. Shelene on 20 January 1917.

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